Geometric Market Timing


How to Anticipate and Pinpoint

High Probability Market Reversal Zones



There is a natural order to the markets, and the manual Markets Trade with Geometric Symmetry”, by Kevin Haggerty, will show you a powerful method to successfully time the markets using the Geometric Primary Tools in combination like Square Root Relationships, Pi [8.6 year cycle] and Fibonacci, regardless of whether you are a Money Manager, Analyst, Investor, or Trader.


It is difficult to predict with any high degree of success the extent or duration of a market move, but you can identify high probability reversal and acceleration zones with a positive mathematical expectation of success.


The manual is based on the age old proven principle that markets will trade geometrically over time, and that they also move in cycles. It is a method of timing that can be used with Indexes, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, and Currencies.


The method is very specific, easy to comprehend, and. there are no expensive fancy software products or data feeds to purchase. I have also included 6 individual calculators that I use to measure price and time symmetry. You can download the calculators free of charge for the next six months, regardless of whether you purchase the manual or not.


A brief description and example of each calculator is listed below, and there are also instructions on each actual calculator, but it is  essential to fully understand how they can be best used with the Geometric Primary Tools to successfully time the markets. For more information about “Markets Trade with Geometric Symmetry” and ordering information click here.




Square of 9 calculator


The Square of 9 is essentially a square root calculator, and that is why this trading tool is so valuable in identifying significant key price and time levels using the factors for the major [45. 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, 360] and minor Gann angles. It also calculates the square root relationships from any significant high or low, which are significant for both price and time symmetry. For more information, chart example and download link, click here.



Time Multiples calculator


Markets trade geometrically, and this calculator enables you to define a specific number of either price or time, and the calculator gives you the multiples of that number, in addition to the date of each multiple. For more information, chart example and download link, click here.


Geometric Date calculator


The time date projections using a basic geometric triangle, which are based on the actual points and time of an advance or decline, will very often pinpoint major and minor high probability reversal zones. The only thing you have to do is input the date and price of the high, and the same for the low of the leg you are using for the triangle. The Base number on the calculator is used to project the time symmetry using Fibonacci Extensions. It is actually the hypotenuse of the basic triangle, and is a calculator function. For more information, chart example and download link click here.


Square Root Multiples


This calculator function gives you the square root multiples in price from a specific high or low, as well as the square root multiples in time from any starting price price and date. For more information, chart example and download link click here.


Fibonacci Time Ratio calculator


This calculator enables you to calculate the Fib Time Ratios between two specific dates, and lets you measure the projected Fib Ratio time dates from either the Start date or End date. The User inputs the Start date and Value, in addition to the End date and Value. The calculator function computes the number of days between dates for each specific Fib Ratio. The calculators with Fib Ratios are set to a default of the ratios that I find most significant, but the User can adjust any of those ratios. For more information and download link, click here.



Fibonacci Calculator


The use of Fibonacci tools are very useful in anticipating high probability market turns and acceleration points in key price and time zones, in addition to pinpointing significant highs and lows. The Fib calculator is used to calculate Fib Retracements and Extensions to the upside and downside using the difference between a high and low. It can also be used to calculate the Fib Extension ratios of a single number, which could be either the time between two dates or a specific price. For more information and download link, click here.



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