Fibonacci Time Ratio calculator


This calculator enables you to calculate the Fib Time Ratios between two specific dates, and lets you measure the projected Fib Ratio time dates from either the Start date or End date.  



The User inputs the Start date and Value, in addition to the End date and Value. The calculator function computes the number of days between dates for each specific Fib Ratio. The calculators with Fib Ratios are set to a default of the ratios that I find most significant, but the User can adjust any of those ratios.


The chart example uses the 10/10/02 SPX 769 bear and 3/6/09 667 bear market bottoms to project future key symmetry time dates for possible market turns. In this example, the 1.272 12/2/10 date caught the B/O of a 10 day range from an O/S condition, with a positive daily chart 5 RSI positve divergence.The B/O above 1200.29 ran +12% to the 1344.07 high on 2/18/10 [see your SPX daily chart for both examples]


The 1.414 ratio x 2339 days measured from the Start Date projected  10/30/11, and that caught  the 10/27/11 1292.66 high at the long term 200DSMA, after a +20.2% advance from the 1074.77 10/4/11 low. The SPX was clearly O/B with a negative daily chart 5 RSI divergence, so you had significant longer term symmetry confirmed by other technical evidence, and that is what the “game” is about. Both SPX charts are in the Fib Time Ratio section of the Manual, in addition to other examples.


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