Fibonacci Calculator


The use of Fibonacci tools are very useful in anticipating high probability market turns and acceleration points in key price and time zones, in addition to pinpointing significant highs and lows. The Fib calculator is used to calculate Fib Retracements and Extensions to the upside and downside using the difference between a high and low. It can also be used to calculate the Fib Extension ratios of a single number, which could be either the time between two dates or a specific price.


The User inputs the High and Low price for Retracements, and then clicks the box for either the Low to High, or High to Low Retracements. For Fib Extensions the User inputs the High Price and Low price of a specific leg, and then clicks either the upside box or downside box which computes the Fib Extension levels.

The calculator function also computes the Fib Extension ratios of a specific number.


The chart example highlights the Fib Retracement levels from 667 to 1576, and also the Fib Extension levels to the upside of the 1292.66 high [10/27/11] and 1158.66 low [11/28/11]. The specific number example is 2757 days, which is the time between the SPX 3/24/00 1553 top and the 1576 10/11/07 top. The ratios are measured from 3/24/00, and the 1.50 ratio is 4136 days which is the 7/21/11 1347 high that preceded the -18.2% decline to the 1101.54 8/9/11 low.


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