Geometric Date calculator


The time date projections using a basic geometric triangle, which are based on the actual points and time of an advance or decline, will very often pinpoint major and minor high probability reversal zones. The only thing you have to do is input the date and price of the high, and the same for the low of the leg you are using for the triangle. The Base number on the calculator is is used to project the time symmetry using Fibonacci Extensions. It is actually the hypotenuse of the basic triangle, and is a calculator function.  


The triangle chart example is for the SPX 5/2/11-6/16/11 leg. The User inputs the length of the leg [112.51 points] and the time of the advance [45 days] The Base number [121] is a calculator function, and actual manual formula for the triangle calculation of the Base using square root relationships is explained in the manual

 The projected time symmetry is based on the Fibonacci Extensions of 121, and if you check your SPX daily chart, you see how this specific triangle anticipated the 8/31/11 1230.71 high, the 10/4/11 1074.77 low, the 12/5/11 1266.73 high, the 10/27/11 1292.66 high, and the 11/28/11 1158.67 low.

The technical momentum evidence confirmed each one of those dates as either O/B or O/S to various degrees, and that is always a significant factor with geometric symmetry.


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