Square of 9 calculator


The actual Square of 9 is essentially a square root calculator, and that is why this particular version of the trading tool is so valuable in identifying significant key price and time levels using the factors for the major [45. 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, 360] and minor Gann angles. It also calculates the square root relationships from any significant high or low, which are significant for both price and time symmetry. 



User inputs the Starting Value. Limit, and in the Increment Box you click .25 for the major angles, or .125 for both the major and minor angles.


The square root relationships for the major and minor angles are calculated from the 1576 10/11/07 bull market top. You can see the symmetry on the calculator at 739.78 versus the 11/17/08 741 low, followed by an advance to 943.85 [1/5/09] The 3/6/09 bear market bottom at 667 [666.79] was also right on the square root symmetry at 666.87 The square root results are also used to measure time, as explained in the trading manual “Markets Trade with Geometric Symmetry”.



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