Time Multiples calculator


Markets trade geometrically, and this calculator enables you to define a specific number of either price or time, and the calculator gives you the multiples of that number, in addition to the date of each multiple.  

User inputs the Start Date, Limit Date, and the Value multiple. The calculator function gives you the inputed multiple in days, and the date of each multiple.


The SPX advanced +105% to 1370.58 on 5/2/11 [from 667 3/6/09 low], which is the high of the bull cycle so far, so it is a significant date. The chart example highlights the 45 day multiples starting from 5/2/11, with a date limit of 12/31/12. The 45 day multiple was right on the 6/16/11 1258.07 low at the 200DMA, which was the initial correction from 1370.58 before it rallied to 1356.48


 The 9/14/11 135 multiple was -2 days before the 1230.71 high, which preceeded a decline to the 1074.77 10/4/11 low, from which it advanced to 1322 as of 1/23/11 The 180 multiple date 10/29/11 was +1 day after the 1292.66 10/27/11 high at the 200DSMA, followed by a decline to 1158.67 on 11/28/11. [chart examples in manual]


 The highlighted dates on all of the six calculator examples are based on the date of posting in the manual “Markets Trade with Geometric Symmetry”.


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