“Markets Trade with Geometric Symmetry” is an instructional manual on how to use the key primary geometric tools to measure price and time, which will give you a major edge in anticipating major reversals or acceleration zones.


You will see that regardless of the time period measured, the geometric principles remain the same, as do the incredibly accurate results, and this method of timing will never be outdated, as long as there are markets to analyze


The manual has many specific examples of how to utilize and calculate the square root relationships which influence the markets, in addition to the various ways to measure time multiples, square root multiples, project geometric time symmetry, and also Fib time ratios, retracements and extensions. It also shows you how to measure significant Pi relationships, and describes how to utilize the key timing aspects of the 8.6 Year Cycle developed by Martin Armstrong, the founder of the Princeton Economics Institute [PEI]



“Markets Trade with Geometric Symmetry” is a 200+ page PDF manual available at $295 [US], and the Calculators can be downloaded for free.


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